- AQ 14 - research on painting
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Christian Frosch
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Christian Frosch
- AQ 14 - research on painting - October 11 until November 08, 2014


15 years of research on painting. Christian Frosch continues his research.
For the first time we show paper works from the new the group of works AQ.

“Commercially available Plastic tubs with different structures are filled with dissolved acrylic paint. Sheets of ring binded paper are placed in the solution and are removed after all liquid has been absorbed.“

The results are colorful or black and white drawings that impress through patterns, structures and finest lines of water levels.

With his usual starck way Christian Frosch describes his new approach to pictorial invention. In his current group of works “AQ” he proceeds as usual. After an extended research he develops experimental arrangements in which the picture paints itself under precisely defined conditions. Time and the physical properties of the used materials are of pictorial importance. Already in the group of works called "Abstriche" the solvents from the oil paint that is wiped of at the side of the page paint scenic seeming pictures, in case of “PANTA RHEI” it is laquer that destroys a plastic cup which makes it tilt and so is spreading paint on a prepared canvas and "PAPIERVERSAND" crayon pencils draw on paper while being transported by mail.

Christian Frosch, born 1968, lives and works in Munich. His work was part of major museum shows such as COLOR IN FLUX at Museum Weserburg, Bremen 2011, and RAW MATERIAL at Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt 2012. In November 2014 opens the show WHITE – ASPEKTS OF WHITE IN MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART at Museum Kulturspeicher Würzburg.