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Malte Spohr
New Drawings - January 20 until March 03, 2018


The various manifestations of light, its energy, fascinate me, trigger in me something that is difficult to grasp or describe. I can simply feel how the energy of the light exercises a strong influence on me and hence frequently becomes the motive behind my drawings. (Malte Spohr)

We are proud to announce the fifth solo show of works by Malte Spohr at Gallery Klein in Cologne, Germany. Malte Spohr uses photos of water, clouds, leaves, and light and shade, which he transforms into abstract pictorial structures. With a ruler he draws thousands of horizontal lines over each other. His method is very slow and meticulous, creating a disconcerting impression of fleeting movement that is reminiscent of both the processes of nature and an autonomous field of energy..

Malte Spohr was born in 1958 in Hamburg and lives and works in Berlin. He is one of the most important contemporary German draphtsman. His drawings are part of major German private and public collections. His works took part in major group exhibitions dedicated to drawing in German museums such as Museum Folkwang, Essen and Kunsthalle Hamburg and the show LINIE, LINE LINEA, curated by Volker Adolphs (Kunstmuseum Bonn) on behalf of the IFA Stuttgart, which is touring around the world since 2011 and was on display in New Zealand, Brasil, Columbia, Bolivia, Mexico, Uruguay and St. Petersburg (Russia).

MALTE SPOHR – AUFZEICHNUNGEN – Drawings 1994 – 2018 at Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern is the first Retrospective of Malte Spohr in Germany. (17. 2. bis 14.4.2018, Opening 16.2., 7 p.m.).