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Katharina Hinsberg
...and through and through... - January 19 until February 23, 2019


We are looking forward to the 6th. exhibition with Katharina Hinsberg.

"I translate and reproduce a hand drawing by transferring its lines as a sequence of dots with a drill into an underlying stack of sheets. The lines disintegrate into details and between the punctual holes distances and spaces arise. Pauses.
These holes are visible - are stitches. Is the picture then where the holes are not? The paper becomes porous and permeable. View and reverse side will correspond and can be turned in the same way.
As a pause between holes, the drilled image recedes so far from its drawn model that the motif shows itself as both: as something made and as something that - as an image, in absentia - only hints at itself, in pauses, holes and gaps. Drilling is a drawing process, which is not drawn on, but (through and through). But the image is not there, it appears in the difference between what is thought and what is made.
A hole, set, marked and determined, is not and is not. It creates position and stands in a context that can then, from point to point, be read again as a line. Thus a picture is allowed to pass, between pauses and holes, through something that does not exist".
(Katharina Hinsberg)

For many years Hinsberg has been transforming lines as holes into different beams by drilling holes of varying thickness:
be it on the museum wall as in the work Perceiden in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart or in paper as for the artist book ZWEIGE with texts by Michael Donhauser or the Blätter für die Griffelkunst Vereinigung published in 2018.

The exhibition provides an overview of these working groups and shows new works on paper created especially for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an edition.